Don’t Fear Death Festival Action

Flatpack Pictoplasma Stuttgart

Don’t Fear Death has a glut of film festival love coming up including some that we’ve wanted to be part of for ages.

First up, we’ll be screening at Birmingham-based Flatpack Film Festival as part of Pick n Mix 1 at 3.30pm on Saturday 22nd March at Birmingham Midland Institute. This year looks like its biggest and best and I’m looking forward to getting to as many screenings, talks and parties as possible.

Next it’ll be competing at Stuttgart Animated Film Festival, which is a huge honour. Then carrying on the German theme I’ll travelling to Berlin to do a Q&A at Pictoplasma! Seeing as it’s a film festival centred around character design it’s fairly apt that the film has over 40 characters in it. I’ve had my eye on Pictoplasma for a while now and really pleased that we can be part of it. Like Annecy, it’s one of those festivals that likeminded people from around the world come to and have a extended piss up. Lovely.