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Dice Babies

I thought my ears were clogged, but I’ve just given birth to a couple of dice babies. Little brats.


Do Bodybuilders Ever Miss A Muscle?

… I’m always forgetting names and my keys, so maybe.

… missed a spot.

Now In Disconcerting Three Dimensions

Everyone seems to be getting worked up about 3D, so I thought I’d have a walk about in your world to see for myself. Here’s the week I felt like the woodwork equivalent of Iron Man.

Mmm… it’s like your own personal padded cell.

I should probably introduce myself. I’m the En-cubed mascot of the clowns who keep stealing my jokes. My enthusiasm for ’90?s Latin pop resulted in me legally changing my first name to Enrique in 2004. You can call me Mr. Dice. People say I drink too much and that that’s why I shiver. My favourite drinks in order of preference are Gin, Whisky, Vodka, Brandy, Tesco Value Vodka, Boot polish dissolved in white spirit (It’s pretty good).

King of Limbs – Secret Session Track

Ian’s made his own tribute to Thom’s groovy moves. LOADS of other people have done the same and a best of has been put together at: