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Atom Uploads Showdown

‘It Came In Peace’ has been pitched against ‘Changes’ in the Atom Uploads Showdown.

Give ‘It Came In Peace’ a high score and we could be earning revenue from

Countdown wins E4 E-vids Competition

That’s right, Countdown seems to be a member of the living dead, ravaging yet another online competition. Curious to think that its belated success couldn’t have happened without the YouTube generation. Here’s the winners list . . . or not, he links now broken

Louis’ Portfolio Site

Louis will have a portfolio site set up soon. Click here to visit.

He said he’d sort out the website soon aswell. We’ll see what the bottle neck allows.

Featured on

The HD FEST website has featured ‘DON’T TOUCH’ as their short of the week. With a couple of nice pictures and biographical details squeezed in.

DON’T TOUCH in Clipstar Competition

DON’T TOUCH has managed to get in the lead on the Clipstar Animation chart. If it’s still first by 30th April then we’ll win lots of cash.

Here’s the link for you vote for us:

… and here’s the video.

Thanks a bunch for the support from Created in Birmingham’s Pete Ashton and Animation Forum WM’s David Allen, as well as everyone who votes.

New Stuff Coming

The lovely people at ComedyBox are interested in creating a couple of mini series with us. Doubly lovely, they are kind enough for Louis to finish his animation course in Edinburgh first.

Combined with Louis not being as quick as he should have been last summer, looks like we’ll finally have a big dirty bag of new stuff to show for the first time in a year.

Viva la Bottle Neck