Vote for Gregory in the British Comedy Awards

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Gregory is a Dancer needs your votes! It has been selected in a long list of online comedies for a shot at a mega-prestigious British Comedy Award. It’s a straight popularity contest, so all you have to do is click this link  and hit vote below the video.

We’d quite like to be patronised by Jonathan Ross, so it’s for a very good cause. We won’t be spamming people with this as it is unseemly and ungentlemanly, but you can go nuts and spread it far and wide. That’s fine. Thanks!

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Don’t Fear Death wins at Anibar Animation Festival

We’re really pleased to say that Don’t Fear Death has won the Public Award at Anibar International Animation Festival!

Don't Fear Death wins at Anibar

A Public Choice award is always a gratifying thing to win as it is chosen by the audiences and hopefully shows we’ve made a connection. That’s always the aim, so having a little trophy to say we’ve done it at least once is a lovely bonus. They said:

The audience really enjoyed your film, the black comedy of it, and the plot twist at the end.

A full list of the festival winners is available on Anibar’s website.

You can catch Don’t Fear Death at several upcoming screenings including the 20th Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival which runs from 16-21 September 2014 in Bristol.

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Gregory Is A Dancer at Leeds & Reading Festival

Leeds & Reading Festival

Artist’s impression of the Film Oxford Cinema Tent

Gregory Is A Dancer is screening at Leeds & Reading Festival this Friday at midnight! Directors Notes have curated a series of late night screenings that are happening from 12-3am in the Festival Republic Stage (aka Film Oxford Cinema Tent). If anybody’s going it’d be great to get a recording of the audience reaction.

The film will be showing alongside the likes of Ben Mallaby and Dan Castro. Our friend and yours, Will Anderson, will also be in Reading on Saturday showing Big Dunc Loves Finder. Here’s the full film line up:

Final Reading Full running order14 copy

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Don’t Fear Death at Rik Mayall tribute screening

Don’t Fear Death will be playing at a Rik Mayall tribute screening at the Mockingbird Theatre  at the Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham this Saturday, 16 August.


We’ll be going along to watch Rik’s classic moments on the big screen including The Young Ones, Bottom, Blackadder, Comic Strip and a full screening of Drop Dead Fred.

The screening starts at 6pm, tickets are £5 and all profits go to the Headway Charity which was set up to tackle brain injuries. Get tickets here.

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Gregory & Don’t Fear Death at Encounters

DFD-10 Death pilot copy copy

Gregory Is A Dancer and Don’t Fear Death are going to their first festival together at Encounters in September. The secret is obviously using extreme closeups with pinky-red backgrounds.

Don’t Fear Death will be screening in the Late Lounge and Encounters had this to say in the programme description:

What makes this programme most poignant and a must-see is to hear Rik Mayall deliver a coincidental yet almost prophetic script on what ultimately comes to us all.

Indeed. Late Lounge is Friday 19th September, 22:00 – 23:30 at Watershed Cinema 1.

And another little factoid for you, Gregory is a Dancer was actually conceived as an idea on the way to and from Encounters when All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat) screened. Gregory’s going home!


Don’t Fear Death at Animation Block Party, NY

Animation Block Party is one of the coolest festivals we’ve never been to. The screenings are held on the rooftops of Brooklyn, new York and is the premier animation festival of the East Coast. So we’re really pleased that Don’t Fear Death will be screening there this Saturday 26 July from 7pm.

Animation Block Party

And to top things off, Don’t Fear Death is the last film in competition in Program 7: International Shorts from 7pm, so essentially we’re headlining* Hopefully we can get along to the festival in future years. It looks great.



*or so we’d like to believe.

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Don’t Fear Death at San Diego Comic Con

Don’t Fear Death is screening on Friday 25 July at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 as part of Spike & Mike’s 11th Annual Sick & Twisted Gauntlet. Check out Don’t Fear Death and Bored Stiff in the trailer below!


The screening is from 9.30pm-11.30pm in Room 6BCF. Visitors to Comic-Con will have the chance to vote on the films, so if you’re going, why not give Don’t Fear Death a nod. Here’s the poster:

Don't Fear Death at Comic-Con

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Didn’t Fear Death

Don't Fear Death exit

The sudden and tragic death of Rik Mayall has been a loss for generations of comedy fans and has robbed the world of one its most irreplaceable humans. Thankfully, the morbidly ironic fact that Don’t Fear Death is now one of his last projects hasn’t been lost. It’s nice of people to think that this would have been a fitting two-fingers to the world on the way out.

Rik Mayall and Ed Bye

From my point of view it’s hard to tell if the humour of the film’s been tainted as Ian and I felt quite close to him. He was generous and supportive to us in the short time we spent with him. We had planned further projects and it looked like he was set to have a strong new wave of output. I was particularly looking forward to Richard Herring’s influence on Rik in Man Down, an old git take on Bottom would have been lovely, and he had a mine of subtlety in his acting that had barely been harnessed in 20 years. Maybe everyone else can just see his vast body of work and incredible life for what it is.

I just keep hoping that he faked it and has been in on the joke the whole time. Here’s lots of swearing from the great man himself:

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Interview with Bar Shorts


Bar Short Interview

Gregory Is A Dancer recently screened at Bar Shorts, run by Chris Shepherd and 12foot6. By all accounts (Ian’s) it went down a treat, and as a result Bar Shorts decided to do a little interview with us. You can read the results on Bar Shorts’ blog:

Here’s a pic of Ian and Chris Shepherd ‘on stage’ with Imogen Woolley and Matt King.

Bar Shorts with Chris Shepherd

The image is taken from the promo video for event, which was filmed by Nich Kelleher.


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Don’t Fear Death Festival Action

Flatpack Pictoplasma Stuttgart

Don’t Fear Death has a glut of film festival love coming up including some that we’ve wanted to be part of for ages.

First up, we’ll be screening at Birmingham-based Flatpack Film Festival as part of Pick n Mix 1 at 3.30pm on Saturday 22nd March at Birmingham Midland Institute. This year looks like its biggest and best and I’m looking forward to getting to as many screenings, talks and parties as possible.

Next it’ll be competing at Stuttgart Animated Film Festival, which is a huge honour. Then carrying on the German theme I’ll travelling to Berlin to do a Q&A at Pictoplasma! Seeing as it’s a film festival centred around character design it’s fairly apt that the film has over 40 characters in it. I’ve had my eye on Pictoplasma for a while now and really pleased that we can be part of it. Like Annecy, it’s one of those festivals that likeminded people from around the world come to and have a extended piss up. Lovely.



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