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Vimeo Staff Pick for DuckManBoy

Our Nickelodeon short, DuckManBoy, has finally gone online and within a couple of days it became our 4th Vimeo Staff Pick!

As a curated website that is geared toward creators it’s a real privilege to be featured on the front page of Vimeo. Having that Staff Pick badge is as nice as any festival laurel because we’re aware it has been chosen by someone who sees tons of great work daily. The exposure we’ve had from the Staff Picks have changed our career and the way people receive our work so we’re really grateful that the people at Vimeo keep thinking our work’s worth their attention.

Vimeo Staff Pick

NRC – Lessons From Baghdad

In 2014, we were approached to create an animation to promote new guidelines developed by the Norwegian Refugee Council for humanitarian shelter response. It was an incredibly interesting project that could help organisations use less resources to instigate long term change in areas that may be to aid.

After digesting the very complex subject matter, we spent a lot of attention with the commissioners working out an entertaining way to illustrate an overview of the concepts while still getting across accurate information. Care was also taken to avoid criticising the existing work that organisations were already doing, and instead offer this as a way to retool their current skills.

The guidelines used quite a lot of roadmap analogies, which helped us to develop a visual language. From there it was a case of nudging wording and working out what benefitted from spoken dialogue and what needed visual explanations to get across the dense information in the most concise way.

These new guidelines came from a case study of shelter crisis in Baghdad. Visually, we wanted to depict the scale of the problems and the diversity of everyone involved, but in a way that treated them with the sensitivity they deserved. While this case was specific to Baghdad, we also wanted to make the visuals general enough to make it easy for organisations to imagine using the principles in the environments that they were dealing with.


NRC Character Designs

NRC Mock Up city clearingNRC Mock up 5
NRC Mock up 8

NRC Mock up 4
NRC Mock Up ArrowNRC Mock up 2NRC-Mock-up-3



Written by Ian Ravenscroft

Designed and animated by Louis Hudson

Music by Rob Connor

Voiceover by Richard Heathcote

Commissioned by for Norwegian Refugee Council

Funded by UK Aid



Louis’ animation for Wonky on Samsung film

Here’s some more digging up of the past. In 2013, Bristol-based Wönky asked me to be the lead character animator on a short film called, Dot, Circle, Box, which introduced the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 + Gear. The video racked up 1.5 million views… which is nice.

I was also tasked with working out the best way to reproduce the paint texture in Marion Deuchars‘ illustrations. In the end we went for a combination of layering semi-transparent layers in Flash and adding a washy transparency in After Effects.







Animation for Joseph Farms Cheese

A few years ago I created the animation for this advert for Joseph Farms Cheese in California. Originally, I storyboarded it not long out of University in 2009. All went quiet for 3 years until I was given the go ahead again in 2012. Two years later it found itself online with some extra live action added to the end. I guess cheese just isn’t something you rush.

sample-storyboard_00072Originally, the style was going to be a more expressionistic style drawn by hand to emphasise the natural qualities of the cheese. However, the client fell for the look of the Flash animated animatic, so I just cleaned that up in Flash and added some texture.

Visualising the natural way cheese is made is an interestingly disturbing fine line. I think people know well enough without having to be reminded directly.

Here’s some design variations:

kid designs cow designsPencil swirl-crunch





Don’t Fear Death at BritishShorts

DFD-06 Pool
Don’t Fear Death is still going on the festival circuit. This time at BritishShorts, aka LichtSpeilKlub Short Film Festival. We’ll be screening at the Animation Special Screening at Sputnik Kino on 25/1/2016, 8pm.

Slimmer Of The Year

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here’s a video with all of the most Christmassy things in it: Santa, Rudolph, Snow, Cheer, drink driving, loads of spare skin, parasailing… the list goes on.

Despite a hectic schedule Santa’s taken some time out to celebrate reaching his goal weight with a spot of spare-skin-parasailing.

Sound design and ‘Joy To The World’ interpretation was by our recent collaborator Pete Styles.

The animation has also featured on Skwigly Magazine’s Advent Calender as a looping GIF:


Croissant at HA HA Shorts

haha shortsOn 27th October, we’ll be back at Bar Shorts at The Book Club in Shoreditch. We’ll be screening Man In A Cat and road-testing our new film Croissant as part of this evening’s theme, ‘HA HA Shorts’.

Massive thanks to Dog and Rabbit who put the night on. It looks like a great lineup and worth going just for Chris Shepherd’s presenting style. There will be a few of us there so come along if you want to say Hi.

It’s a free and doors are open at 7pm for an 8pm start. You can tell them your coming here:

Here’s the Facebook Event if that does it for you:


*EDIT* Croissant got a great reception. Here’s a video of the reaction:


New Showreels and a Revamp

After finishing DuckManBoy, and other projects we can’t chat about yet, we thought it was time to finally make a showreel. It’s also been about 5 years since starting production on Man In A Cat. Since then we’ve created stuff for Channel 4, Nickelodeon, BBC Comedy and Oxfam, and worked with some amazing people in the process.


That was fun. Everything is with Italian 60’s Pop.

It’s also been 6 years since my last freelance reel, so it’s nice finally showing off what I’ve done for other people between our Dice work. More Italian 60’s Pop:


We’ve also got a new website design and silly Dice ident to suit us better. We’ve always had an awkward relationship with the formality of ‘Dice Productions’. It’s like an embarrassing band name that’s too late to shake off. So, instead of starting again we’re styling it out with a silly rubbery neck, yellow paint, and a slide whistle.

Skwigly Advent Calendar

We’ve had Ross Butter in the studio for the last few weeks animating on DuckManBoy. As he was leaving we collaborated on a heart (and lung) warming Christmassy GIF for Skwigly Magazine’s Advent CalendarI think it was the first time I’ve ever jammed on the same scene with someone. It’s nice having a little idea and then just piling things on top of it without worrying about the consequences.

Don’t worry Rudolph. Santa will need his oxygen mask… any… second… now…

Also, here’s Ross looking like he just invented Christmas.
Ross Butter

Come to the Dots & Loops animation night in Birmingham

Dots & Loops animation Birmingham

Birmingham’s Flatpack Film Festival is returning to its roots by putting on a night of animation screenings this Wednesday 15 October from 7pm at The Oobleck, Custard Factory, Digbeth.

The event will feature guest animators Peter Millard and Ben Cady. The night will also be attended by local animators Brothers McLeod, Nice Monster, Yamination, Second Home and us, Dice Productions.

Come along to say hello, have a drink, and watch some great animated films.