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How Not To Be Halloween Fabulous

Here’s a Halloween animated greeting card for y’all that I knocked up!

Seeing as statistically 67% of all males between 16 and 45 will be dressing up as Michael Jackson this Halloween (science doesn’t lie people) here’s a audio-visual forewarning entitled How Not To Be Halloween Fabulous, or How I Learnt to Stop Caring and Started Dressing as Michael Jackson

For some real advice on HOW to be Halloween Fabulous read Ian’s sage words of advice.

Are you… Bored Stiff?

May we introduce our sticky new born, ‘Bored Stiff’. Here’s what it has to say for itself:

Dr. Nick Deadly gets bored and takes time out to work on an extra-curricula project. Plus, there was queue for the toilet.

They said, ‘It couldn’t be done!’… well more, ‘I don’t want to do it!’. But one digital pen, 3 dogs lives and lawsuit later I had proved them wrong. If you’re interested… Excuse me. Yep. Hi… here’s the original scribbles I did on a tiny scrap of paper a few years ago. The words are me trying to give it a title.