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Gavin Worms

It’s been nice weather for spotting and ignoring Gavin Worms.

Gavin Worm sq


Cartoon Pitch – Phallic & Freud

So this is basically getting the green light from Cartoon Network then, yeah? Great, thanks.

If you need any more convincing, Phallic is an oblivious plucky nerd who keeps being called things like “Wiener” by the school bully, Bonehead. His sidekick, Freud, provides the slapstick comedy by making obvious slips and silly phalluses. I mean mothers! Faces!!



Merry Spookmas

Here’s Dracula forgetting he’s got a garlic allergy.

Remember YOU ARE a Womble

Skwigly told me to draw myself as a Womble so here’s me having a wombling good forage.

Guess The Celebrity – Broth Bogie?

Guess The Celebrity – Ben Plankadder?

Another go at Guess the Celebrity after last week’s debacle (hull-coogan/Hulk Hogan… I liked it anyway.)

Gary Tipton – Time Traveller

 … apparently when you time travel it smells like scampy.

Guess The Celebrity – Boat… Alan?

Guess The Celebrity‘s back!

First one right gets the obligatory prime slice of Cadbury Cream Egg.

Edinburgh Train Games

Here’s some of the games we did to stave off boredom for a few hours. Get them all right and you could win a prime slice of Cadbury’s Cream egg. Honestly, we’ve barely shifted any of these in years.


Ian pretty much smashed it with his round of Guess The Celebrity:

Which film did we depict with Jelly Babies? Yes, all the props were made with a coffee stirrer…

Tougher one. Which one’s Nicholas Cage?…

Do Bodybuilders Ever Miss A Muscle?

… I’m always forgetting names and my keys, so maybe.

… missed a spot.