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Viva Los Birmingham

Man In A Cat’s set in Birmingham dontcha know? More specifically New Oscott – it’s got a big Tesco.

If you count all of those trees I’d say there were more trees per capita then any other city in the UK (Sutton Park skews the figures).

One of Dulux’s More Unusual Colour Charts

A Little Peek

You’ve all been incredibly patient waiting for Man In A Cat to raise it’s misunderstood head. So, here’s a little pic to tide you over while we do the final push.

What YouTube Looked Like in the 1800s

A bit of fun.

The Pitcher of Dorian Gray

Bromance spin-off film in the bag, right there.

Guess the Celebrity – Racoon Booze?

A quick ‘Guess The Celebrity’ revival. Clue: It’s 2 people.

Look at the pictures, what does it sound like, whose name doesn’t it really sound like?

The Breakfast Bunch

Here’s a picture I made. It’s kind of an allegory for sandwich making in the hood.

Kenny Has A Problem…

Guess the Celebrity – Al Coholic-Stenchboom?

Guess the Celebrity – Wellanger Hunchtill?

I’m not going to lie, I quite like this one.