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Popcorn Comedy

Final screening anecdote of the week.

Somewhere else that we’ve been screened the last couple of months is at Popcorn Comedy. Run by Jon Petrie (brother of the really quite good Ed Petrie), it seems to be one of the most exciting comedy nights out there. By the looks of it, it’s much like Filmrats, in that it has the live/video mix, but instead of musical acts has some of the best break through comedians about and has the choice of some of London’s coolest little hideaways. Although they’re not afraid to tour around having moved up to Edinburgh this August for the festival.

We were really chuffed to have been approached by Jon to screen some stuff and can’t wait to actually get down to one of the nights. Especially with such comedy heroes as Robert Popper hailing the boots off it.

Here’s a round up of the night by SpoonFed and an ickle name check to ourselves.

Birmingham Filmmakers

We went to the Birmingham Filmmakers Meet Up and it was very productive.

Organised by FilmDash winner, Rill Marchant, there’s finally a time and place for people wanting to get involved in film to chat to each other!

The Meet Ups are a great way for anyone interested in all aspects of film making to come along and meet people who can help them realise their plans. Great films rely on the combination of people’s different talents and until now there hasn’t been a platform for those people to mingle comfortably in one place.

The Facebook Group has 50+ members at the moment, so comparitively the turn out was shockingly low. However the meetup still served more than it’s purpose. Hannah(?) from Team MMUG came along, who, being a lawyer-come-aspiring-filmmaker showed the sort diversity that B’ham Filmmakers combined. And, whilst, Rill explained that she wanted to provide technical services, we’re predominately ideas people. We could have started film right there and then! Instead, we got down to how we could make this thing grow.

A proper blog is obviously the first step, concentrating on exposing opportunities and bringing people together from different disciplines of filmmaking. From then we’d need some set goals and ask the appropriae people for their support. Animation Forum West Midlands has hit the nail on the head, and it would be great to eventually have a network that’s as effective, possibly even working with them – they’ve broken a lot of ground already after all.

So here’s to a sociable, co-operative, heathly filmmaking comunity. Join the Facebook Group!

Shorts on the Walls

David Allen kindly managed to squeeze DON’T TOUCH into the Shorts on the Walls line up today. Ian went along to introduce it.

It got a pretty good reception, including a nice mention from Chris Unitt on CiB. Just found Eight Eyed Sea Bass also liked it. That’s nice of them too.