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Fun With Subtitles

I tried out YouTube’s ‘transcribe audio’ feature on Touching Bum and was pleasantly surprised to find out the sketch is actually a political thriller entitled Touching Phone which explores surrealism at the centre of the clash between social decay and globalisation.


Merry Spookmas

Here’s Dracula forgetting he’s got a garlic allergy.

Remember YOU ARE a Womble

Skwigly told me to draw myself as a Womble so here’s me having a wombling good forage.


We’ve been feeling all cosy and villagy lately in the Jewellery Quarter. Man In A Cat‘s Production Executive, Simon Flynn, runs a Monday quiz night (called Quiz Akabusi no less) in my local, The Rose Villa Tavern. To top it off Jill Evans bought us these motivational Dice power-lollies.

Guess The Celebrity – Boat… Alan?

Guess The Celebrity‘s back!

First one right gets the obligatory prime slice of Cadbury Cream Egg.

Raquel Squelch

I Hexagon Blockbusters

Here’s a little something for all the people who think Only Connect is a bit too highbrow and doesn’t have enough Bob Holness.

Here it is modelled in it’s presumed environment.

Is it me…

… Or is George Osborne looking more and more like a ventriloquist dummy?

BLAM! Stinging political satire almost as razor sharp as this mauling.


BBC Reporters Will Kill For Good Breakfast Juice

We made a silly about a BBC reporter who chucks in impartiality and joins the rebels to finally get his hotel accommodation up to scratch. He’s got a pretty menacing gun there too.

Edinburgh Train Games

Here’s some of the games we did to stave off boredom for a few hours. Get them all right and you could win a prime slice of Cadbury’s Cream egg. Honestly, we’ve barely shifted any of these in years.


Ian pretty much smashed it with his round of Guess The Celebrity:

Which film did we depict with Jelly Babies? Yes, all the props were made with a coffee stirrer…

Tougher one. Which one’s Nicholas Cage?…