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An Appeal by The Society of Cruelty to Animals

Amongst all the madness we finally got round to completing a new sketch…

So many animals are forced to live an unnatural and humiliating existence. Just £50 a month can give back an animal’s dignity through the rigorous corporal punishment scheme run by The Society of Cruelty to Animals. Help us stamp out cruelty to animals.

Massive thanks to Chris Stokes (Director/Camera Operator/Photoshopper/Co-editor), Richard Heathcote (Voiceover), Fullrange (Über equipment), Mike and Matt (SoCA staff). Also, we did try to find royalty-free music, but it turns out nothing optimistically begs for charity quite like Coldplay. So well done to them too.

Clifton Mallice and his ‘Chat-Up Lines’

Ever had difficulty approaching someone you fancy? Ever wondered what to say to strike up conversation? Well, wonder no more because the legendary Mr Moe Chattam and Clifton Mallice devised many techniques to help people just like you. And they still work today!

Learn his special ‘Chat-Up Lines’ and you’ll be beating off potential suitors within minutes. If you have your own special ‘Chat-Up Lines’, please send them to us in the YouTube comments box. We need all the help we can get.

Guaranteed to impress, anybody in a dress!

We premiered this film at Popcorn Comedy in Birmingham. For some ‘behind-the-scenes’ pictures you can take a good, long look here.

A Bit of Light-Hearted, Feel-Good Melancholy

Tom’s decided to take that depressing old song, Needle in the Hay by Elliot Smith, and spruced it up with some feel-good melancholy.

You can watch it in HD (well, bigger) here.
If you’ve never heard of this song or you want to see it in possibly its best context, here’s a clip from The Royal Tenenbaums.

Funny link

Flabber, a dutch speaking website, seems to empathise with Giles Quinton’s musical ambitions.

That’s what makes YouTube worth the effort, all the appendaged information and statistics.

Max Fitness

We have a new film! It’s called Max Fitness, and this is what it’s about:

‘After a failed career as Britain’s second-favourite celebrity fitness coach, Max Fitness turns to German morning television for a final shot at cellulite-busting stardom.

Available on VHS, audio cassette and minidisc!’

The Outsider

Our latest film is out now! It’s called The Outsider and stars Mr Thomas Reid as Giles Quinton, a man who has left his worldly possessions to live outside with nature. Our reporter (Ian Ravenscroft) went to meet him to see his new life outdoors.

Click the link to see the film and please leave us a comment on what you thought about it and give us a rating while your at it. We’d appreciate that a lot. Enjoy.