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Guess The Celebrity – Broth Bogie?

Guess The Celebrity – Ben Plankadder?

Another go at Guess the Celebrity after last week’s debacle (hull-coogan/Hulk Hogan… I liked it anyway.)

Guess The Celebrity – Boat… Alan?

Guess The Celebrity‘s back!

First one right gets the obligatory prime slice of Cadbury Cream Egg.

Guess the Celebrity – Racoon Booze?

A quick ‘Guess The Celebrity’ revival. Clue: It’s 2 people.

Look at the pictures, what does it sound like, whose name doesn’t it really sound like?

Guess the Celebrity – Al Coholic-Stenchboom?

Guess the Celebrity – Wellanger Hunchtill?

I’m not going to lie, I quite like this one.

Guess the Celebrity – Bo Del Brickbrush?

Ever wanted to look at pictures which when said out loud sound like a celebrity’s name phonetically? Great! I’ll start you off on an easy one.

… Jeff Goldblum