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Don’t you just hate it when you get food on your face and your entire concept of reality crumbles?





Broadcast on Canal+ during L’Oeil de Links – 23:40 14/12/2015
Featured on Vimeo’s curated comedy channel.

Official Selections

Vienna Shorts Festival – Vienna, Austria – 1-6/6/2017
Kyiv International Short Film Festival – Kyiv, Ukraine – 19-23/4/2017
Encounters – Bristol, UK – 22/9/2016
LOCO Film Festival – London, UK – 24,27,28/4/2016
Flatpack Film Festival – Birmingham, UK – 21 & 22/4/2016
Austin Comedy Short Film Festival – Austin, TX, USA – 19/4/2016
Pezinok Animated FF – Pezinok, Slovakia 1-2/4/2016
Short Com – London, UK – 12/3/2016


The Science of Laughter – Barbican, London, UK – 28/4/2016
LOCO Local – London, UK – 27-28/4/2016
BOOM – Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK – 2/4/2016
Flatpack First Friday – Centrala, Birmingham, UK – 1/4/2016
Flatpack 10 Taster – Hackney Picturehouse, London, UK – 23/3/2016
Bar Shorts – London, UK – 27/10/2015


For distribution and screenings contact: louis@diceproductions.co.uk

October 2015   |   2:07 min   |   Colour   |   Stereo   |  Live Action   |   Comedy


John Henry Falle
Tom Reid

Written and Produced by Ian Ravenscroft & Louis Hudson
Directed by Louis Hudson
Director of Photography – Craig Bush
Sound Recording – Pete Styles
Sound Design – Louis Hudson
Model Makers – Louis Hudson & Chris Randall
Make up – Beth Lowes
Music – ‘Party Hard’ by Bob Bradley / Matt Sanchez / Steve Dymond / Sarah Wassal. Published by Audio Network

Filmed at King’s Sandwich Bar, Kings Heath Birmingham

croissant flakes butter meltframing


green screenjam eyesmouth


I Hope You Like Croissants

We’ve made a new film. It’s called Croissant. It’s very silly. It stars Tom Reid (Gregory is a Dancer) and John-Henry Falle (The Story Beast). Here’s a teaser.

Croissant Teaser from Dice Productions on Vimeo.

The full short sketch will be released shortly. Follow us on Twitter @diceproductions in the meantime.

Gregory Is A Dancer & Behind the scenes shots

It’s great to finally have Gregory Is A Dancer out in the open. Big thanks to everyone involved again, and to everyone who watched it.

It’s interesting how much work and accuracy needs to go into something to make it look silly and shambolic. The tracksuit combinations alone took a lot of consideration.

tracksuit combinations wide

Kirby Skank was played on a loop for days as our rehearsal and dance track, with Bob Mortimer providing a bit of inspiration. We knew Rob had cracked the score the day it finally pushed that skank out of our heads.

While that’s playing here’s some behind-the-scenes photos. You can also find out more information about the film at: diceproductions.co.uk/gregoryisadancer

2 Day Green Screen Shoot:

Pre/Post and Location Shooting:

Shot Breakdown of the Newspaper Scene:

Gregory Is A Dancer Airing 12th March

GiaD Feature image

Our second Random Acts film for Channel 4 will airing on Wednesday 12th March at Midnight (end of the day). It’ll be showing after a classy exposé called ‘Strippers’. Classy.


It’s also screening as part of special sound-focused edition Bar Shorts organised by 12foot6 and Chris Shepherd. The first screening will be at The Book Club, London on 26th March, 7pm. The second screening will be at the Eagle Inn, Salford on 2nd April, 7pm.


Here’s some background to the film.

Gregory Is A Dancer is our second Random Acts film for Channel 4 and was commissioned by Balletboyz. This was our first live action commission but still has an animated sensibility and contains the same surreal approach we use in most of our work.

Part of our pitch was for this to be an ‘anti-dance’ film. However it still needed to be entertaining and work physically to deliver the right emotions and comic timings. That’s where Tom Reid came in. He’s an incredibly talented comic performer with a lot of physical control. Rehearsal sessions helped us find out which parts of the dancing could be pushed and where it needed restraint. To over the top and it would look too staged, losing the humanity in the performance. To small or too loose and there was nothing to hang the scenes on. Although Tom would say that he just based it on how Louis dances. After one of the funniest days ever spent on or off a set, it was obvious that nobody else could have brought what Tom did to the film, especially under the low-budget conditions and filthy tracksuits he had to endure.

Having almost no dialogue we re-united with Rob Connor to help tell the story through music. The general idea was for the film to be perceived as a driving music video that happened to match the emotional beats of the music. It was a nice process of starting with our points of reference, particularly our rehearsal track, and hearing Rob slowly build up different ideas and changing the nuances of the track to capture the tone of the story.

We looked at different ways to show so many scenes with our tiny budget. After first being put off by weekend hire of green screen spaces, we realised that a small kit green screen filmed at one end of our studio offered a garish, shabby feel that suited the main character’s upbringing as well as pulling the sleazy glitz of stardom down to the same level. Using flat lighting rather than matching up the environment light also enhanced the feel of all of the characters not quite fitting in their disjointed world. Keying and compositing was then a tricky balance of retaining  green screen artefacts and the cheapness of the production while making sure it was slick enough not to be distracting.

Quirky symmetrical single-point perspective has been very much done but it was a very convenient way to reinforce that this film is all from the main character’s simplistic point of view while being surrounded by the things that have made him.

That was a lot of text. Here’s some pictures:

Diet Cadbury Creme Egg

It’s just been Easter here (a curious festival of egg and cross-themed drinking) so to celebrate we made a little video about a new product that’s set to shake up the worlds of chocolate and dieting. Here’s the new Diet Cadbury Creme Egg…

Lady Mail Man

This a sketch we wrote and directed. It’s about a man named Dwayne who has a date with a lady mail man. Whatever one of those is.
Emma Pearce
Tom Reid

Written by Ian Ravenscroft
Direction, Editing, Sound Design – Louis Hudson
Sound – Dan McHugh
DOP – Alan Dolhasz
Colour Correction – Ed Lawes

Filmed at 6/8 Kafé, Birmingham, UK.

Big thanks to 144 for shooting and colour correcting.

Lighting supplied by Second Home Studios

Here’s a bonus behind the scenes snap taken by Craig at 6/8 Kafé

Pitstop campaign animation

An animation we produced for Take a Pitstop has made its way online.

The idea was to raise awareness of Lymphoma in the under-30s so we tried to make something funny but got across a very serious message that could affect people’s health.

We worked with animator Matt Partridge with art direction from Zinc Design. The voices were done by Louis and Tom and the script was written by Ian.

An Appeal by The Society of Cruelty to Animals

Amongst all the madness we finally got round to completing a new sketch…

So many animals are forced to live an unnatural and humiliating existence. Just £50 a month can give back an animal’s dignity through the rigorous corporal punishment scheme run by The Society of Cruelty to Animals. Help us stamp out cruelty to animals.

Massive thanks to Chris Stokes (Director/Camera Operator/Photoshopper/Co-editor), Richard Heathcote (Voiceover), Fullrange (Über equipment), Mike and Matt (SoCA staff). Also, we did try to find royalty-free music, but it turns out nothing optimistically begs for charity quite like Coldplay. So well done to them too.