Man In A Cat is Commissioned!

Start the fanfare please Freddo!

We’re amazingly chuffed to say that out of over 130 proposals All Consuming Love (Man In A Cat) has impressed Screen WM and the UK Film Council enough to become one of the final 6 commissioned films! It’s not all that often you get to be completely self-indulgent on a project for 6 months, especially with the support and backing of some the most experienced people in the country.

So far we’ve had to be fairly hush hush about the development process, if only because we’d look like wankers if the film never actually took off, but now would be a nice time to say thanks to the people we’ve met and who have helped us get here.

The process up to getting commissioned has been fantastic. Before that development process it was getting hard to know what to do with the story. On the first day of development we met Kate Leys, who just with a few anecdotes and case examples, completely opened our eyes to the art of story telling. That was really empowering.

I also had the priveledge of bashing out ideas with Camilla Deacon of Lupus Films and about 15 other talented animators in London. That was really invigorating and affirmed a lot of what we’ve been learning over the last 3 months. Big thanks to The Square for seemingly unlimited chocolate, fruit, coffee and some quite spiffing toilets! Not unlimited toilets. That would be incredible… ANYWAY.

Simon Flynn and Dan Lawson from Screen WM, and June Goldrei on behalf of UK Film Council were in charge of commissioning the final films. They had the balls to see that this could work, and their notes and questions have made sure the story has developed in a very nurturing and understanding way.

Overall, we’re really thankful that we’ve been given the chance to make this unsual and edgy film, and that everyone involved were nuts enough to with the idea in the first place. Now we’ve got to hammer out the last few kinks in the script without desmantling the whole thing, get the look of it all completely pinned down, get some communal office space/therapy for me, and round up some amazing talent to help out with the project. All within the next couple of weeks if we’re to have a good chance of finishing this by the end of August! Ha ha ha!… Oh my God.

Recommence the fanfare please!

Wait! Is that…? Nah. Couldn’t be. Doesn’t matter.