Dice Interview In The Birmingham Mail

The Birmingham Mail  had chat with us about all things Dice Productions, Popcorn Comedy and Man in a Cat.

You can read it in full by clicking here. In summary, Ian said:

“We’re planning to move to Belgium to become industrial cleaners, specialising in discontinued abattoir equipment. Frankly, running a comedy night like Popcorn, writing comedy, and making an animated short film about a man inside a cat has taken its toll.” Biting his nails profusely, Ian added: “Just leave me alone. I need to cry and pack my industrial scouring pads and medicinal vodka.”

It’s a compelling read.

To see us, Adil Ray and Fergus Craig at Popcorn Comedy at The Victoria on Thursday 24th June, go to: http://popcornbrum.eventbrite.com/

Here’s a photo of the article itself.