Man In A Cat Screenings

On Thursday 24th March, I spent most of the day trying to knock the last major kinks out of Man In A Cat and managed to rack up a half marathon running back and forth between my flat and various places around Birmingham. Finally after being awake for about 36 hours I rushed my DVD copy over to Vivid (renamed The Dirty End) for Man In A Cat’s first airing as part of Shorts on the Walls, run by Animation Forum WM for theFlatpack Festival.

Ian and I did a Q&A with David Allen and Steven Spencer, who directed that year’s other animated Digishort,Best. It was a giggle, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t make much sense, and was way to close to the painful finishing process to be able to talk about the film in any really insightful detail. Ian on the other hand did. After that we had a few drinks and I escaped the country for possibly the most deserved holiday ever.

Ian did a nice round up of the night on his blog and MiaC (as the cool kids call it) got a nod in the Flatpack Festival roundup.

While I was away Screen WM put on the official premiere for their Digishorts at The Electric on Tuesday 29th March. It went down really well by all accounts. Having seen the line up of that year’s Digishorts scheme, I’d say it’s the strongest group of films Digishorts have produced in a long time. It’s just a shame they are the last of the scheme – in that guise any way.