Leeds and Reading Popcorn Comedy

We ran Popcorn Comedy at Leeds and Reading this year and it was a blast. Carly Smallman and Jonni Music (aka Thomas Nelstrop) were our acts, with Carly doing an incredible job as compere.

We were a bit apprehensive at first about our slots of 12pm and 11.30am, but they turned out to be the perfect times. Hungover festival goers had enough time to stumble over to the tent and we were early enough not to be competing against the noise of the other tents. The relatively pleasant weather meant everyone who came to the tent were really positive about being there, rather than just to shelter from the rain. We’re still pumped from Buttery Biscuit Bass.


We’re not 100% sure when our next Birmingham Popcorn will be but check out the Facebook group for future notice. Meanwhile, here’s some snaps:

Great crowd in Leeds
Worst seat in the house.
Vin Deisel having the worst day ever.