Things in a Thing

Here’s some of my points of reference when thinking about little people inside things for Man In A Cat. People always seem thrown by the premise but we had to avoid loads of cliches. Maybe we actually succeeded and that’s why people still think it’s weird.

Here’s the music video for Baddest Ruffest by Backyard Dog, directed by Dawn Shadforth:

The Numskulls were one of my favourite Beano strips behind Calamity James. I like the complex bungled logic of explaining the mechanics of everyday things.

We went to pains to avoid any Borrowers comparisons, which means it influenced us as much as the opposite. Ian Holmes was even one of the voices I imagined for Yorkie. That wouldn’t have drawn comparisons AT ALL. Actually that would have been an interesting pitch. “Remember your character? Well he never crawled out a bum hole did he?”