The Best Of British Animation Awards DVD

You can now buy Man In A Cat on DVD as part of The Best Of British Animation Awards 9. You can see the list of other festival-smashing films in the compilation HERE. The price looks steep but, since public funding cuts, the BAAs now rely solely on private sponsorship and the generosity of its supporters. So if you want to support the Arts AND own a snazzy DVD, this is pretty much your ideal situation.



What’s that? How did the Awards night itself go? Oh yeah… On March 15th we headed to the Southbank Centre, following the sound of hundreds of animators frantically scrubbing the food stains out of their trousers, with the creeping sense of excitement of being shortlisted for Best Short Film.

As you’d expect from a building full of adult children it was a jolly night. The general mood was particularly heightened by the anticipation for the following day, when it would be declared whether the UK animation industry would get the much needed tax breaks that it had been lobbying for. It was a great to meet Oli Hyatt from Blue-Zoo who spearheaded the lobbying initiative and succeeded! A lot of people owe him a drink.


The Best Short Film award went to Grant Orchard‘s A Morning Stroll, but we did make the top four in the Public Choice vote. Clips shown from Man In A Cat also got the biggest laughs of the night, which is a prize in itself.

We were also really proud of homeboy Chris Randall for winning the Commercial Public Choice Award: