Anna & Katy

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We’ll have our first bit of animation on terrestrial TV this Wednesday (6th March, 10.30pm)!

Anna & Katy is a new sketch show by Anna Crilly and Katy Wix. It was directed by Ed Bye and produced by Jon Petrie.

We created some fake interstitial adverts to go at the start of a soap called The Lane. They’re only small but we’re pleased with how they slot in with the rest of the show. A few months ago we went to a screening of the first two episodes and as expected the show’s fantastic. The Guardian’s already tipping Anna & Katy as the next Vic & Bob.

It’s really exciting at the moment to see a new wave of comedians, performers, writers and producers that are coming to TV and doing their job properly.

To get you in the mood watch Anna & Katy’s 2011 Comedy Lab episode HERE!