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Croissant at HA HA Shorts

haha shortsOn 27th October, we’ll be back at Bar Shorts at The Book Club in Shoreditch. We’ll be screening Man In A Cat and road-testing our new film Croissant as part of this evening’s theme, ‘HA HA Shorts’.

Massive thanks to Dog and Rabbit who put the night on. It looks like a great lineup and worth going just for Chris Shepherd’s presenting style. There will be a few of us there so come along if you want to say Hi.

It’s a free and doors are open at 7pm for an 8pm start. You can tell them your coming here:

Here’s the Facebook Event if that does it for you:


*EDIT* Croissant got a great reception. Here’s a video of the reaction:


Man in a Cat to support Rob Da Bank at Bestival

Our film All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat) is set to support DJ and Bestival-organiser Rob Da Bank at Bestival this weekend.

King Kong Rob Da Bank rescore

Rob is performing his live re-score of King Kong (the original, of course) and Man in a Cat will be screened beforehand as support. How cool is that? If you’re at Bestival this weekend, go and check out the King Kong rescore and get there to watch Man in a Cat too.

This is all thanks to Philip Ilson of London Short Film Festival who recommended the film to Rob, so thanks for that!

In other Man in a Cat news (yes, it’s still going), the film screened at In The Woods festival in London last weekend, and will soon be screening at The Cally Festival in London.

Man in a Cat at SXSW

All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat) will be appearing at SXSW in Texas! And it’s all thanks to the cool people at Dailymotion who have picked it as part of their SXSW Cinema Selects.

SXSW Cinema Selects

The Man in a Cat screening is on March 9th, in Bloc 2 at 5pm. So get down there if you’re about. We’d have loved to attend as we’ve never been to SXSW, but it was short notice. Hopefully Yorkie can come back and tell us how it was.

There are details on EventBrite and Facebook so share those links.

Cinema Selects also screened Man In A Cat at Nighthawk Cinema in Brooklyn last week. You can see the playlist from that event on Dailymotion.

London Comedy Film Festival

Man In A Cat received the LoCo Discovery Award (Short) 2012.

LOCO announces our Discovery Award nominees


Having won the award with Man in a Cat last year, we were very honoured to be asked to judge this year’s London Comedy Film Festival Discovery Short award. And now our shortlist has been released ahead of the screening and awards ceremony on Sunday 27th January at BFI Southbank.

The standard was very high across the board but we had to narrow it down to three. So naturally, we chose four including an honourable mention. Here, in alphabetical order, is the shortlist:

Painkiller (dir. Mustapha Kseibati)

For mining laughs from a very dark situation, whilst maintaining a genuinely touching story at the heart of it all. The acting is superb and the comedy doesn’t detract from the central drama.

Tooty’s Wedding (dir. Frederic Casella)

For creating a fully-formed short film that is funny as it is recognisable. It’s very well scripted and uses great acting to find laughs at every opportunity, building enough pathos to create characters that are both relatable and pitiful.

Womble (dir. Robert Pirouet)

For notching up the tension in a classic comedy premise in an original way. It crams in the laughs, with visual jokes playing off rapid fire lines which are delivered to perfection by the excellent cast.

Honourable mention: PVT Craine (dir. Ben Mallaby)

For its fast paced build up and unexpected twist. It manages to go past the typical sketch format by focusing on the characters’ relationship as much as the laughs.

Louis and I will be at the BFI on the 27th to announce the winner and present the award, so if you’re going to be at LOCO that day, get in touch to say hello. For the full list of films screened at the Showcase and tickets, visit the LOCO website here.

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013


We had a great year in 2012, so we thought it would be a good idea to look back on some of the things that happened for us at Dice Productions but also to look forward and provide a preview of things to come from us this year. Let’s kick things of with the best of 2012 in our world of comedy, film, writing and animation…

Man in a Cat

Our short animated comedy All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat) starring Kevin Eldon, Josie Long and Isabel Fay came into its own this year and did wonders on the festival circuit. It screened at over 40 festivals worldwide, winning prizes and accolades including:

Man in a Cat was also finalist at the British Animation Awards for the Best Short Film and Public Choice awards, finalist in Shooting People’s Film of the Month competition, and got a prestigious Staff Pick from Vimeo. The film also gained two distribution deals, through Magnet Film and Future Shorts, and was picked up by MTV’s Liquid Television in the US.

Don’t Fear Death

The exciting piece of news of 2012 was that we were commissioned by Channel 4’s Random Acts to make a new short film called Don’t Fear Death for the telly. It’s an animated comedy about the benefits of death. It’s a little twisted. We’re currently preparing and are just confirming our voice talent (which is incredibly exciting), so hopefully we’ll be adding some production notes to the blog soon.

Other projects

We worked on some great projects with some cool people including:

  • The Musical Mechanical Marvel – Animation on BAFTA-nominated short for Chris Randall at Second Home Studios
  • Anna & Katy  – Animated segments for the Channel 4 sketch show for Rough Cut TV.
  • Oxfam – Directed and animated a short film for Oxfam’s International Women’s Day
  • First Light Films – Animation and writing on ‘How To’ filmmaking videos with Steve Spencer of Nice Monster.

We also made a couple of things to amuse ourselves including this sketch called Lady Mail Man:

Plans for 2013

2013 is looking set to be an exciting year as production mode for Don’t Fear Death, our first solo TV commission, is already winding up. The film is due to air on Channel 4 later in the year before landing online, so we’ll keep you posted.

We’re judging the London Comedy Film Festival shorts competition in January and sometime after that we’ll be watching Anna & Katy on Channel 4, not just for the small, animated segments we made for it, but because it’s hilarious. We’ve seen the first two episodes and it’s smashing.

As well as working on several new animation projects and hopefully more TV, we’ll be making more short and snappy animations and sketches for our YouTube Channel and our own amusement (something we didn’t do enough of last year).

We’ve also got quite a few scripts up our sleeves too (it’s where we keep them) which we’ll be looking to get either produced or developed this year. We’ve got a sitcom, a live-action short, an animated series or two, and lots of sketches and new ideas to bring to life, so the backlog is certainly very healthy. If you want to talk to us about any or all of them, get in touch!

Finally, we’re on the look-out for representation, so if you’re an agent, or can recommend a good one for writing and/or directing, again, get in touch.

Remember, you can follow @DiceProductions on Twitter, like Dice on Facebook, and subscribe to our videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Have a wonderful new year from Dice Productions, from Louis and Ian.

Shooting People Short of the Month finalist

Man In A Cat’s still getting around. In July it made the shortlist for Shooting People’s Short Of The Month. The finalists were judged by Ravi Amaratunga, who is editor of Channel 4’s Random Acts and The Shooting Gallery.

Here’s a very nice and trend affirming quote from him:

Funny and bizarre in equal measure this brilliantly realised animation draws you into its universe surprisingly quickly. It’s really funny, but also surprisingly heartfelt – which is an extraordinary achievement for a film which features so much cat anus. A joy to watch.



Man In A Cat Online

After almost exactly a year of festivals, a smattering of awards and a photo with Barry From Eastenders, Man In A Cat has finally popped its head out of the internet! It’s also been released on Future Shorts’ YouTube Channel where it’s gathered some nice comments already.

Now that everybody in the world can see the film, we’d appreciate your help in making every one of them watch it whether they want to or not! Hooray!!



Man in a Cat in Washington and Hollywood

If we were asked of our US gang allegiances it’d be pretty difficult to decide. But luckily we don’t have to choose, as All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat) has been accepted into both DC Shorts in Washington and Hollyshorts in Hollywood! We’re working on a combined Eastside/Westside hand gesture.

DC Shorts

So far, Man in a Cat has seemed to go down better on the East Coast having had a few New York festival screenings, so it’s great to be screening in Hollywood again, and not only that, at the famous Chinese Theatre!

graumans chinese theatre

In other news, Man in a Cat is set to be released online tomorrow for the first time ever. So subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be the first to see it!

The Philosophy of Man In A Cat

On Wednesday Man In A Cat had the indulgent pleasure of being discussed and having the philosophy of it explored by Carla MacKinnon & Scott Biagi as part of the Looking In, Looking Out Film Festival.

I was mainly interested in what they had to say because there is actually some philosophy among all the poo jokes, which is why the film equally gets remarked as “disturbing” and “heartwarming”.

Here’s them chatting about it. Apologies for the Count Crapular filming. I arrived late so filmed surreptitiously from the back of the hall. That’s me calling out at the end like a jilted lover at a wedding. I went on stage and chatted some more about the philosophy behind the film, but stupidly didn’t record the audio.

On stage I was given a quick checkover to make sure no one was in my eye and then I gave my account of things.

One of the starting points for making Man In A Cat into a proper story was actually Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (Yeah, we got Greek on this shit). That idea being that if someone was shackled facing the wall of a cave and had only ever seen the shadows of real things, how would they deal with seeing the real world, and then how would he be received by people who live like he used to. Man In A Cat definitely isn’t as mind bending as that, but by living through the eyes of something else he is living behind a glaze and is going to struggle to adapt otherwise.

Man In A Cat is also a bit of a statement on love. You can be in love without finding a soulmate, every relationship isn’t perfect and often people are drawn to people they’re not compatible with. Yorkie only really gets with Susan because she’s one of his kind and awakens some sympathy in him. They’re purposefully not shown as being happily-ever-after because, as Carla put it, relationships made in traumatic situations don’t last.

So you see, every one of those anus jokes was just mis-direction… They weren’t… Or were they?… No.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself. The atmosphere at the screening was made particularly friendly and curious by the fact that most of the films had at least an element of comedy about them. Which I think was a really clever turn, initially because it feels absurd, but then because you realise that comedy can carry a lot of weight and that’s what makes comedy so special.

Scott Biagi also looks EXACTLY like Robert Popper.