Don’t Fear Death update #1

Don’t Fear Death is well under way now so I thought I’d give you an update about how it’s going. And it’s going… well.


In early March were busy prepping for the main production period by drawing, planning and script tweaking. Then, with a solid, locked-down script we went about finalising contracts and nailing down our talent to get the voice recording in the can. It can be tricky to coordinate voice records as you have to navigate agents, talent availability, and studio timings. Not to mention organising travel and other practicalities all whilst protecting your precious budget.

2013-03-22 12.19.19

Thankfully, with the help of our associate producer Ed Bye, we got our star Rik Mayall and the good people at Guilt Free Post together in a booth at Wise Buddah for a few hours of voice work. The day began with a combined read-through and script workshop with Rik and Ed. Some revisions and adjustments for delivery later, we got Rik into the booth and worked through scene by scene. And I can tell you, it’s a glorious sound when Rik in full manic flow. We’d love to work with him again.

2013-04-03 12.32.10 copy

Since then Louis has put together an animatic so we can actually watch the film in its basic form for the first time. And we’re very happy with it. We’ve already got some great comments from the inner circle, so we can’t wait to apply the animated skin to the bones.

In other news we’ve secured a sound designer, and are working with a composer to produce an original score for us. We also have another animator on board to help take the strain. The next step will be working with all of these elements to flesh out the film and make it sparkle.

That’s your lot for now. Expect another DFD update soon!