Dots and Loops Playlist

Photo by Amy Smart

Thanks to everybody who came to our Dots and Loops night, and thanks to Flatpack for inviting us to do it. It was a lot of fun for us to recap on our careers so far. Our choice of films were quite revealing in the end, giving us a nice perspective for ourselves about where we are so far and what we’d like to create in the future.

It was nice to see other people get a kick out of the event too. Ashleigh Goodwin at Birmingham Review did a nice write up of the evening. We’ve become very used to the concept of short form film screenings, so it’s surprising when it proves an education to somebody new. I hope it has people searching out similar events. You can read the review HERE.

If you want to relive the night. Get a pint, sit in a hard chair, and turn the lights off while watching these films. Enjoy:


The first section focused on our film festival favourites and influences, with Message in A Bottle and Man In A Cat providing our first foot holds into the filmmaking and comedy community.


The second section was a light hearted, Christmas sprinkled affair, with a focus on how much effort goes into crafting comedy.


In the third act, we showed some films that reminded us of simpler times. For an evening that felt like a throwback to us hosting Popcorn Comedy it was nice to dig out some favourites from those days when everybody seemed to be having a go at making shortform comedy on YouTube.