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  • Cigarette Break

    It’s becoming a tradition for us to have a Christmassy collaboration with Pete Styles. This year he’s brought some life to an old GIF Ross Butter and I made for Skwigly. Merry Christmas, and may you get as much quality time with your loved ones as Santa and Rudolf are getting.

  • Interview with Bar Shorts

      Gregory Is A Dancer recently screened at Bar Shorts, run by Chris Shepherd and 12foot6. By all accounts (Ian’s) it went down a treat, and as a result Bar Shorts decided to do a little interview with us. You can read the results on Bar Shorts’ blog: http://barshorts.com/bar-shorts-dice-productions Here’s a pic of Ian and Chris Shepherd…

  • Scourge of the Smirk

    There’s been enough chat about the creep of Californian Animation Smirk Disease, but each new film that comes out of the system winds me up that little bit more. It’s only a matter of time before it contaminates unwitting British intellectual property.  

  • Merry Sproutmas!

    Here’s a little video for everyone who’s farting out the last of their Christmas leftovers. … and a merry GIFmas one and all.

  • Animation and Sound

    A long time ago (2009-2010?) Dave Allen from Animation Forum WM asked me to throw in my two pence worth for an article in Imagine Magazine about the relationship between animation and sound. So I thought I might as well share out those two pence before they disappear into the ether. AFWM – Why do you think animation…

  • Annecy Round up

    It’s been over a week since I got back from my first trip to Annecy and I’m still feeling a little topsy-turvy. By all accounts this happens to most people and that’s exactly why I forced myself along to possibly the world’s best animation gathering. One of the best parts of the Festival was bumping…

  • Merry Spookmas

    Here’s Dracula forgetting he’s got a garlic allergy.

  • Guess The Celebrity – Boat… Alan?

    Guess The Celebrity‘s back! First one right gets the obligatory prime slice of Cadbury Cream Egg.

  • Raquel Squelch

  • I Hexagon Blockbusters

    Here’s a little something for all the people who think Only Connect is a bit too highbrow and doesn’t have enough Bob Holness. Here it is modelled in it’s presumed environment.