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  • What’s Up Your Cracker?

    Sorry… Merry Christmas! Sound by Pete Styles.Oscar winning hand acting by Ben Kane.Sausage squishing by Ross Butter.Animation and voices by Louis Hudson. Here’s a brief behind the scenes if you can stomach it: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Louis Hudson (@louishudson) on Nov 29, 2018 at 12:53pm PST

  • PE Hub Shortlisted at Manchester Animation Festival

    I’m very pleased to say that the Character Design I did for The PE Hub has been shortlisted for an award at Manchester Animation Festival! Hopefully see you there if you’re going.

  • BBC Three Snapchat

    Ian‘s work at BBC Digital Guerrillas recently involved a takeover of BBC Three‘s Snapchat channel. Ian and Rob Linsey made some nice documentaries for it and commissioned some ‘pick-me-up’s to go between them. Here’s Louis’ week-themed contributions:

  • How To Write An Email To Get Work

    We often get emails from people looking for work with Dice Productions. Sometimes they want work experience, sometimes they want a full time position, and sometimes we have absolutely no idea what they want. While it’s nice for people to get in touch and want to work with you, it’s also immensely frustrating. Not because…